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Our Mission


Building the next generation of empowered women

By providing them with tools necessary to excel in life and career

Our Story

Lunch meet ups, weekend mani / pedis, and adventure get togethers took new form as long time working mom friends Caroline and Tina introduced their daughters over a lunch get together. The realization that they were all unique and yet so similar created this new tribe of strong and independent thinkers willing to put themselves out there as they shared experiences and how they managed through them. The power between these girls was amazing to observe. Stories of hardships, triumphs, lofty goals, college applications, standardized testing, and career aspirations became the center of all conversations.  


The sparks would fly as these girls began sharing personal stories and feeling as though they had a safe sounding board with like-minded women to learn from and grow with. These girls would walk away from the get togethers feeling energized! Each experienced a spark that now had ignited within themselves.   There was no doubt that these get togethers had evolved into something special.  


These aspiring young women created Girls with Big Dreams as a passion project. With a focus on reaching and build a community of like minded females who desire to reach their greatest potential. They recognized the need to help others navigate a complex world flooded with social media and fewer meaningful relationships that focus on personal development and growth through a guided and supportive platform.


By lifting each other up and connecting young women to strong female peers and leaders, volunteering opportunities, and career and life coaching, this rising generation's dreams are certain to be fully realized. No dream is too big to accomplish! Together we are stronger. Considering your “Network is your Net Worth,” why not surround yourself with a tremendous network of strong independent thinkers?


We welcome you to “Girls with Big Dreams,” where we inspire, encourage and equip young women to reach their highest potential!


unnamed (1).jpg

Aanika Valbh

COO - Creator of Opportunities

Penn State 



Riley Johnson

COO - Creator of Opportunities

Senior, Oviedo High School, FL

Aniya High Res.jpg

Aniya Valbh

COO - Creator of Opportunities


Lake Mary Prep

High School, FL


Caroline Johnson

Chief Inspiration Officer

Pharmaceutical / Biotech Strategic Leader

Tina Valbh High res Headshot.jpg

Tina Valbh

Chief Happiness Hero

Executive Strategy Consultant, Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticals

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