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Communication Manager


Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

We are looking for a self-motivated and talented communications manager to lead our communications. In this role, you will be in charge of producing high-quality content that engages members, sponsors and builds brand recognition.

Your main duties will also include creating informative content, press releases, articles, and media opportunities to share our company’s brand, products, and services. The ideal candidate will be an excellent communicator, with brilliant presentation and organizational skills.


  • Create informative and interesting press releases, press kits, newsletters, and related marketing materials.

  • Develop and implement effective communication strategies that build customer loyalty programs, brand awareness, and member satisfaction.

  • Prepare detailed media activity reports.

  • Plan and manage the design, content, and production of all marketing materials.

  • Work with different marketing departments to generate new ideas and strategies.

  • Supervise projects to guarantee all content is publication-ready.

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

  • Create communication and marketing strategies for new products, launches, events, and promotions.

  • Respond to communication-related issues in a timely manner.

About the Company

Girls with Big Dreams shares a focus on reaching and build a community of like minded females who desire to reach their greatest potential while  navigating a complex world flooded with social media and fewer deep meaningful relationships that offer personal development and growth through a guided and supportive platform.

By lifting each other up and connecting young women to strong female peers and leaders, volunteering opportunities, and career and life coaching, this rising generation's dreams are certain to be fully realized. No dream is too big to accomplish! Together we are stronger. Considering your “Network is your Net Worth,” why not surround yourself with a tremendous network of strong independent thinkers?

We welcome you to “Girls with Big Dreams,” where we inspire, encourage and equip young women to reach their highest potential!

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